Dell Oem Agreement

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5.5 Registration of agreements and letters of funding. If you are allowed to participate in the deal registration program, your registrations will be subject to the terms and lines of registration of the agreement – APJ . In addition, you agree to comply with all the conditions set out in the funding letter of the distributor Dell Technologies, as they are made available to you in writing through the partner portal or other means. 12.1 Resignation. You can cancel the program at any time by notifying Dell Technologies in writing. Dell Technologies may suspend or partially suspend your participation in the program without written notice: (a) for any violation of this Agreement or any other Agreement related to your participation in the program or (b) for any attempt to harm the integrity of the program according to Dell Technologies. In addition, Dell Technologies may, at its sole discretion, terminate all or part of the contract or program for all participants or for you alone, after a period of ten (ten) days, to the partner account administrator or any other contact you provide as part of your participation in the program. 1.3 Direct purchases. Your purchase of Dell Technologies products and services for resale is subject to your written reseller agreement, the added value reseller agreement, the channel partner reseller agreement or an essentially similar resale contract signed with Dell Technologies, as it expressly applies to the purchase of these products and services (“order contract”). If the order agreement does not contain conditions as comprehensive as the terms of compliance or this section 1, the order agreement is supplemented by the terms of compliance and this section 1. A different ordering contract may apply to different products and services. Purchases of Dell Technologies can only be returned under the conditions permitted by the Dell Technologies Partnership Program return guidelines that are provided here, and these returns are subject to the directive.