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– request education assistance (PDF) for training abroad (same amount as for foreign aid). The KPJ is faced with the success of the Cumulative Module 6 (KMP6) exam, the completion of all training exams, the completion of the third exam internships and the evidence of 12 weeks of mandatory training. In short, the KPJ can only be launched after the positive end of the second phase of the study. The mandatory internship is carried out during the last year of study (6th year / 11th semester) and takes 48 weeks to 35 hours per week, divided into three 16-week tertiales each. A comprehensive resource to support learning of medical language and to prepare students and doctors for clinical work. Max. 4 weeks of mandatory training can be completed abroad. In addition, a maximum of 4 weeks of bachelor`s/master`s degree can be recognized as a free education benefit. 41 STUDENT MOBILITY FOR STAGES (Student Mobility for Traineeship SMT – Student Internships 2 months civil – 12 months) Exemption from tuition fees at medUni Wien and the host university EU Mobility Grant This cannot offer internships. If you have already found an internship in one of the countries of the program, it is possible to apply for an ERASMUS internship. After the engagement, you file an electronic application on MedCampus and download the document necessary for the application: ERASMUS Learning Agreement for Traineeships Submit the agreement signed by the host institution to the International Office for Student – Staff Affairs: Deadline: a 01. at the beginning of the following month/15 at the beginning of the following month You will receive a notice of prior recognition.

After the return of the erasmus stay confirmation at the OeAD – the tea leaf for recognition by a notice of recognition! 41 4 What are the possibilities for Switzerland? Following the results of the referendum on 9 February 2014, negotiations between Switzerland and the EU on participation in the Erasmus programme have been completed. As a result, Switzerland can no longer participate in Erasmus. The Swiss Foundation for Federal Cooperation has now made the following arrangement: Student exchanges with partner universities will continue under the new Swiss-European Mobility programme with bilateral exchange agreements. Scholarships for incoming students are covered by the Swiss side. At the same time, registration is done in MedCampus through ERASMUS SMS (study stay) in the MedCampus 4 Erasmus 2009/2010 1 programme. Information meeting Faculty of Medicine University of Saarland www.uks.eu/erasmus specialized coordinators Medicine Stephanie Orlich, Dipl.-Biol. – Florian 22 fixed study programs: in some cities, The Tertiales are only possible as part of a complete program or in certain combinations of subjects! At BASEL, only the thesis is possible! In bets V and VI and XI, the internships for the tertiales are only 8 and 8 respectively.