Roommate Agreement Gvsu

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1. Prepare a time (60 minutes is recommended) to meet all roommates without guests or other distractions available. It is important that all roommates are present and that all voices are heard. Another common disorder among roommates is the sharing of personal items. The purpose of this section is to allow for a debate on what will be released or not. We ask each student to sign their own lease. What for? So if your roommate doesn`t pay rent, it won`t affect you! We offer 3 rental terms: 9 months, 10 months and 12 months. Ask our local team for prices for each rental period. Describe the general expectations in terms of communication, together time and personal time inside the device. (i.e. always say hello, roommate dinner once a week, etc.) First, talk to your roommate about anything that bothers you. Most of the time, problems can be developed simply through direct communication with them. If this doesn`t work, talk to your RA or RLC and they can help you solve the problem.

At the beginning of the semester, it is important to be honest and honest with your roommates when you complete the roommate contract. We offer a searched roommate page on our website and/or our profiler roommate will help find one for you. Curious about individual rental options? Just ask a leasing consultant for more details. A questionnaire is part of the application. Roommates are voted on based on your answers. Students can apply for their roommates, but both students must place each other`s student card on their own application. You can log into the housing app before June 1 and change or update your roommates. Housing – Housing defines a successful roommate relationship as one in which individuals co-exist safely and respectfully. We recognize that roommates may or may not be friends, and maybe they have something in common. We also recognize that residents can still be good roommates for others, even if they have nothing in common and are not friends before moving in.

2. Discuss the following concepts, define the expectations and schedules agreed upon by all GVSU roommates, defines a successful roommate relationship as a resident who can co-exist safely and respectfully. To avoid unnecessary conflicts, clear communication and boundaries are important. The HRL-Roommate agreement helps residents present clear expectations, reduce conflict and improve communication on key issues that could lead to conflict.