Ehr Access Agreement

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This Agreement applies in two circumstances: (i) to allow a non-Johns Hopkins firm access to the system; or (ii) for certain activities authorized by Johns Hopkins for the use of the System for unique and special activities that employ the “Website User” and the Website Administrator in any Johns Hopkins function. The user of the site acknowledges and agrees that Johns Hopkins owns all rights, interests and title to the data available on the system and that such rights, interests and titles are always accessible to Johns Hopkins. Without the express written permission of Johns Hopkins, the user of the website may not compile and/or distribute data or analysis to third parties using data accessible by or through the system or retrieved or obtained by the system, except for authorized activities. B. Any authorized user for authorized activities must also undergo training on system access and system usage requirements in a manner to be defined by Johns Hopkins. B. Unless otherwise agreed by Johns Hopkins, user acknowledges and agrees that any hardware, software, network access or other component necessary for user of the Site to access and use the System shall be provided separately by user of the Site. Johns Hopkins is not responsible for the acquisition, installation or maintenance of the components required under this Agreement, and Johns Hopkins makes no warranties or warranties with respect to the components. All costs for the components are borne by the user of the website and paid directly to the suppliers of the components. If the user of the site is a non-Johns Hopkins medical practice, he agrees to have a sanction policy, to establish it upon request and to discipline his collaborators or representatives for all violations of Johns Hopkins PHI in accordance with HIPAA.

The user of the website understands that failure to comply with this section allows Johns Hopkins to immediately terminate this agreement and all associated access rights….