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Disclaimer: The present glossary includes terms used in ILO instruments, texts or meetings relating to maritime issues and the fisheries sector. Basic railway glossar with Spanish, German, English, French, Italian and Russian terms. | Dictionary of terms used in the maritime industry. In developing this glossary, the working group considered options, comments and all possible opinions from industry, commerce and government agencies and agencies in order to create an international standard of auditing that is adopted by as many fields as possible. Full understanding is unlikely, if at all possible. View more Peer Assisted Learning Network (PEMPAL) for public expenditure management | . The Dictionary of Terms and Definitions contains terminology in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” of 27.07.2007 No. 319-III (with amendments and additions from 09.04.2016), the mandatory national standard for postgraduate education. Section 1. Judiciary, section 2.

Doctoral studies, approved by the decision. See more Quick Glossary of Working Terms in English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese. In its work programme for 2005, the European Training Foundation (ETF) has included a glossary presenting the Russian language of key concepts of European vocational training policy. The aim of the project was to support cooperation with ETF partner countries in the framework of the EU`s European Neighbourhood Policy and development. For more information, click here. .