George Mitchell Good Friday Agreement

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“First, the main victim of a hard border will be the Irish people, the Republic of Ireland. The British who made this decision – and a democratic vote that must be respected – will suffer because democracy does not guarantee a good result, it guarantees a fair trial and I think history will show that the UK made a fundamental mistake in voting for Brexit. They will be injured, but the people who will actually be hurt will be the Republic of Ireland because their economy is fully integrated with that of the United Kingdom. They will suffer. Asked if he thought the deal would last another 20 years later, Mitchell was among those Al Gore envisioned as a running mate for his 2000 presidential bid, but Gore chose Joe Lieberman. [23] If Mitchell had been nominated and won the Democratic ticket this year, he would have been the first Arab American to serve as vice president of the United States and only the second vice president of Maine after Hannibal Hamlin. He was also mentioned in 2000 and 2004 as a potential foreign minister for democratic government, due to his role as head of the Senate and the Good Friday Accords. That has not always been the case. When Mitchell was first presented as a likely person for the presidency of the peace negotiations in Stormont, there was a lot of backlash in the Unionist ranks. Not only was he American, but he also seemed to be part of the Irish-American lobby, friendly with the Kennedys and close to a president far too kind to Irish nationalists. In medieval thought that covers some elements in Northern Ireland, Mitchell`s religion was another blow to him. Wasn`t he some kind of Catholic? The honourable senator must have wondered what he was getting into.

“It`s a new experience for me,” he told a New York Times reporter. “In 30 years in American politics, no one has ever asked what my religion was, or where my parents came from.” At 5 p.m. the Assembly was convened and at 5.30 p.m. the text was adopted by all parties except Sinn Fein, who had no delegated powers from their party. According to the rule of sufficient consensus, borrowed from the South African negotiations, this meant an agreement. On April 10, 1998, the hand of Tony Blair`s story suddenly invaded every building in the stormont Castle buildings with a huge sigh of relief, cheer and hugs. The two prime ministers and Senator George Mitchell gathered for a historic photo with the room full behind them. The party leaders then went out to meet the world`s media who were waiting outside in the snow. There was another public revelation at a public conference in Dublin, which coincided with GFA twenty years later. The parents of George Mitchell`s father, whose original name was Joseph Kilroy, came from Ireland, but when they became destitute, young George and his brother were raised orphans by a Lebanese family.