What Does A Roommate Agreement Look Like

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This includes financial responsibilities such as rent and utilities, as well as policies for guests and cleanliness. If you think something could become a problem, it`s a good idea to include it in your agreement. If you ask questions and state the rules in advance, you`re less likely to come into conflict with your roommates. A life situation can quickly become sour if the rules of the household between roommates are not addressed and there are certain rules in a household, for example, with regard to. B payment of rent and bills, guests, smoking, noise and illegal activities that should not be open to interpretation. Some roommates may think that guests in the house can be managed on a case-by-case basis. However, without rules, a situation with a guest can quickly spiral out of control. In an ideal living situation, you and your roommate would have the same sleep schedule. But life situations are not always ideal. You could be a morning person who likes to go to bed at 10am.m. and wake up at 6:30am.m.m while your roommate can stay up to 1.m and get out of bed at 11.m. Therefore, it is important to set quiet hours or quiet hours.

This way, your roommate will know they need to use headphones when they see friend rehearsals at 2.m .m on a Tuesday. While roommates move in with the idea that they will live together for the duration of their rental period, this is not always the case. It`s best to know in advance what you`ll do if someone needs to move early. Other things you may want to include in your roommate agreement include whether you intend to share common household items such as toilet paper and cleaning products, and who is responsible for the purchase. Also consider including guidelines for parties, e.B. if parties are allowed, if permission from both roommates is required, and if there are party behaviors that are not allowed in the unit, such as drinking or smoking. Whether your landlord or building allows indoor smoking, include a smoking clause in your cose agreement. Even if the clause simply mimics the terms of your lease, the inclusion in your fine cose contract can reinforce the expectations of each roommate. Whatever methods you use to track who cleans where, be sure to use some kind of written method! Without it, it`s harder to tell if a roommate isn`t helping you keep your living space clean. It`s a good idea for all new roommates to have a roommate agreement. However, this is especially useful if you`re moving in with someone you`re not exactly close to. If you live with a close friend or relative, the conversations you have when it`s their turn to wash the stacked dishes aren`t as unpleasant.

With someone you`re not that close to, you may not know how to approach this discussion. Although a written agreement is not entirely necessary, it is useful to establish the ground rules. This ensures that you and your roommate have a solid understanding of responsibilities and how to treat each other with respect. What did you include in your roommate`s lease? Tweet us @ApartmentList.. .