Ucla Collective Bargaining Agreement

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1. The parties recognize that, for the duration of this agreement, it may be necessary for the university to make changes in areas in the negotiations. If the university considers it necessary to make such changes, the university informs the UAW of the proposed changes thirty (30) calendar days prior to their proposed implementation. 2. The parties negotiate on the impact of these amendments on the ESA if the following three elements are available: (a) the name and address of the representative of the UAW, who is responsible for the appeal to arbitration and to which all arbitration correspondence must be sent; b. a copy of the completed claim form; and a declaration in which the unresolved issues, the articles of the agreement that were allegedly violated and the declaration of appeal requested. c. If a complaint is not invoked for arbitration, the university`s response after Stage 3 is final. This employment contract applies to employees of crafts, z.B.: installation mechanic, painter, electrician, etc. For more information, click the button below.

The contracting parties agree that graduates holding teaching duties will be classified in the corresponding title of unit BX. However, if one of the parties sees a potential inconsistency with this agreement, the parties will meet and resolve the issue. one. The UAW provides a list of personnel data for members of the bargaining unit for whom the UAW is requesting an amendment. B. The amended list contains the following areas of the Unit770 file: below you will find details of the current negotiations and existing employment contracts with each bargaining unit. Select your trading unit below for more information. 5.

Parties may invite guests, including experts and/or members of the bargaining unit, to participate in joint committee meetings, subject to prior notification. a. The university`s management is exclusively at the university. Unless this agreement does otherwise, the UAW agrees that the university has the right to define, plan, direct and control the university`s missions, programs, objectives, activities, resources and priorities, including the plans and objectives of action on affirmiv; Establish and manage procedures, rules and rules, and management and control of the university`s activities; Modify, expand or shut down existing facilities, facilities and operations locations; Determine or change the number, qualifications, planning, responsibilities and allocation of ESAs; Defining, maintaining, modifying or applying performance, behaviour, mission and safety standards; Evaluation, determining the content of evaluations and determining the processes and criteria on which the performance of the ESA is assessed; Institution and THE ASE on compliance with university rules and regulations; discipline or dismiss ESAs; Establish or modify academic calendars, including holidays and vacation planning; Affect workplaces Planning work schedules Recruit, arrest or transfer; Determine how and by whom the instruction is given; Introduce new teaching methods; or outsourcing all or part of transactions; and exercise exclusive power for all decisions on academic matters.