Changes To Learning Agreement Erasmus

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The courses that appear on your Transscript of Records must match the courses in your learning agreement. If you have made changes to your original learning agreement, you must complete a new form and send me a signed copy of the changes to the Learning Agreement form. Your home university compares the Learning Agreement form to your Transscript of Records. You have to agree. The learning agreement should include all the learning outcomes that the student needs to acquire during the exchange. After classes start, you may want to change the courses that don`t suit you, but keep in mind that you can only change the initial program once a semester. Therefore, we advise you not to make changes immediately. Special requirements of schools, disciplines or study programmes: For the submission procedure and the signing of the learning agreement, consult the guidelines on the International Office/Erasmus at Schools/Departments pages Please note that to complete the change to your study programme, you must use our form and follow our procedure. If your home university needs the same documents, we are happy to sign them, but it cannot replace ours. Want more details? Here we have a step-by-step tutorial to change your LA. The learning agreement consists of four sections that must be completed gradually at the different stages of mobility (before, during, after): the Learning Agreement form must be used by students participating in the Erasmus+ for Studies programme.