Compromise Agreement Format

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b. The applicant will execute a request for revocation, dismiss the pending appeal with prejudice and forward it to the defendant [in the event of execution of this agreement or as the case may be]. This compromise and settlement agreement is entered into by and between _________ THIS COMPROMISE AGREEMENT, the ___ e. This agreement was the result of a negotiated solution and cannot be interpreted as being prepared by any party. Within [number] days of the date of separation, all confidential and protected information of the employer, including the related enterprises of the employer, subsidiaries and its parent company and their related enterprises and subsidiaries (“employer enterprises”) as well as any ownership of employers` enterprises owned or under the control of the worker, shall be returned from the employee to the employer. or, at the employer`s option, destroyed by the employee and certified destroyed. The employee may not keep copies of such information, materials or property for himself. d. This agreement is a compromise on a contentious issue and cannot be interpreted as an admission of responsibility by a party. c. The parties (in short, called “parties”) wish to present their agreement on the termination of the worker`s employment relationship to the employer and 3- That the aforementioned compromise was concluded without pressure or coercion It is therefore requested that, in the aforementioned case, a compromise in the interests of justice can be accepted nicely and registered. .

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