Termination Of Hire Purchase Agreement Telangana

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Hello, Karthik, thank you very much. I followed your instructions and it worked for me. The process you mentioned is still the same. had a stop without noislage of the hypthesis of my car. Thank you again. Hello Karthik, I have a question, I am about to request the termination of the mortgage of my car. When booking Slot in Telangana kukatpally RTA, there is an option called “Will the same financier continue”? Yes or no What exactly was it? I took my car credit from BOB and closed in 6 months. Please suggest whether I should go with YES or NO I can simultaneously manage the termination of the mortgage and the transfer of the vehicle in my spouse`s name Thank you for writing. The RTO office asked me to get the credit statement, so I had to ask my bank for it. Below is the NOC format I received.

But it might be different for you, so please check. Title “No Objection Certificate”Date:An,RTORespectiveRTOOfficeSub: Termination of Loan Agreement Number: AccountNumberConscription: Sir,We hereby confirm that the credit agreement between FinancierName and the above customer has been terminated. Please delete the publication of FinancierName on this vehicle, the details of which are indicated below: Vehicle registration plate: Engine number: Chassis number: This certificate without objection is valid only three months from the date of issue. Thank you,For FinancierName,Prokurist Awesome information bro. My car is also registered with Kukatpally RTO. It`s been 8-9 months since I closed my credit account. As my bank is SBI, I have not received any of these letters by e-mail. I`ll go get her. Can you tell us what Coverring Letter Issues by Financer is? Assuming transport.telangana.gov.in/html/form35.htm is the link to Form 35 for Telangana RTO (if possible, you recommend completing the mandatory sections)You are a life savior 🙂 Could you also help me with the NOC format, and do I need an account statement for the credit account? Thank you for this information. It was very helpful. You`re awesome. Thank you for sharing your experience and creating awareness.

Procedures like this seem very laborious if we do not know exactly how to proceed. I shared this blog with some of my friends who found it very useful. Thank you a ton of boss.. We need people like you, it`s painful to do the work of government offices, even basic information. To whom do I enter the phone number in the field of the phone number of the financier, please help. What is the cover letter, I have gathered all the information and documents and I am going tomorrow (May 31, 2019) to RTO, kukatpally only On the RTO page you can go to “Document Delivery Status” Try to give the fixed number with the STD code (without 0) so that it corresponds to the 10-digit format. Using RTA. You offered to give your mobile number, thank you a ton for the information. You are the savior.

🙂 Hello Karthik, I also have the same question and it is asked to pay 635 Rs, but the registration of the fee says as follows:Note: No separate fee is levied for the termination of the lease, etc., or for the issuance of a new registration certificate afterwards. I paid the required fee online to RTO, but forgot to keep the insurance copy. They suggested I change the slot machine online, but now the site says I have to pay the money again if I don`t go to RTO on the day of booking. Do I still have to pay Rs 635? Karthik, excellent. Thank you very much. The lady I spoke to, at the insurance company, gave me inexperienced information. It took me 10 days to get the CR after the documents were filed. Thank you very much for the model and such detailed information..!! Hello, I also need to change my address with the withdrawal of the RC mortgage.

Before, my RTO was KPHB, but after changing address at lingampally, my new RTO seems to be Attapur. Please indicate where you can go and charge a fee. . Online registration of the RTO Telangana website has problems…